Erika Laila 

Description,Vow and Decree to Awakening. Remembering and Expansion

Erika Laila holds space for our "Parameter of Being". A Parameter of Being requires that every possible potential/facet of a particular human (hue-being of frequency) has an equal opportunity of being witnessed, experienced, and seen in order to hold a fuller multi-dimensional landscape and representation of their Wholeness. In this way, a parameter is a characteristic of the person relating to and being observed in its environment while taking into account their vibration and holistic wellness as a barometer.

In practical application this would mean that we would inquire in order to assess the clarity of our holographic lens, allow time and space to mirror action and essence with words/mission. Possibly to strengthen the Avatar with the Soul/Self while honoring the Other and the Self through conscious tailoring of relationships.

Understanding and working with spiritual aspects of vibration, frequency, energy, rhythm, resonance, entrainment, movement, matter, intention, symbolism, sacred geometry, quantum physics, the elemental earth speak, indigeneous wisdom, nature intelligence, metaphysics and esoteric alchemy and ritual. AKA: The OLD WISDOM and the New Golden Age for the birthing of the New Paradigm. Rainbow Nation (All Colors equal White Light)


Guidance and Navigation is lead with the understanding that all life on earth is related to the whole, the macrocosm, the Akash or etheric principle, the same as a bubble, a ripple, the wave or the drop in the ocean. By consciously navigating our vehicle/vessel, we better comprehend how to plan, steer and enjoy the journey.

Erika Laila is a High Priestess of Truth, Beauty and Love

A High Priestess is the first Companion of the Creator, who channels and conveys authentic Divine Love into the world. This is also the Soul of the mystic (male or female) who has entered the temple of the heart.

An HP is the Universal Mind, the Cosmic mind-stuff, the great sea in which we live. The nature of mind is represented by water. Water holds everything in solution, all possibilities. HPs are known as an Archetype of duplication, reflection, copying, reproduction as it relates to memory, the basic function of subconsciousness. Drawing Life Force up the left side (ascending to the Father), harmonizing with the Cosmos around the crown, then pouring it out (descending along the Mother/Mater) in the oscillation of "As Above So Below".  As a Mystical Librarian, a High Priestess is witness to this flow and the frequency of its rhythms and sequencing. and can separate and substantiate out the infinite, pure potentials of the Higher Self (Divine Mind) in order to make manifest as the soul's tutor in the labor of contemplation of one's inner and outer life. Bestowing clarity of what lies within. Connecting dots to go deeper and expand. Practical application, networking, referencing as needed and synchronistically suggested.

Vows & Decree

I, Erika Laila Whitney, Vow to uphold and work in alliance with the Akashic Honorability Codes presented to me of in regards to : Connection, Consequence, Clarity, Confirmation, Consciousness, Channel, Critical, Confidence, Correspondence, Creativity, Compassion, and  Courtesy.

I, Erika Laila Whitney, Vow to commune with the Akasha as a child of God, Solar Star, Lunar Lady of Light, Open-hearted Amplification of Truth and Liberty as Beacon bright Bodhisattva to serve Humanity, all Planets and Dimensions to the best of my Soul Purpose and Path as agreed upon at the beginning of my Soul's Agreement with Source MotherFatherGodFounders Race. 

I, Erika Laila Whitney, with assistance of my Highest Self, Decree that all Guidance, Light work and Channeling is held, shared in and for the highest good and grace of all involved. As immortal Truth made flesh with Legion Love and Light in order to weave Wisdom and Wonder into Soul and Sol with Resonant Rhythm back to Source and Sons of Sister Gaia. We Rise.

Teachers and Hirstory

Erika Laila is an artist, dancer, creator, mother, light worker and reader of universal signs who ‘holds space for others to birth universes’. Over 30 years of practice and study consists of Tarot, Healing Arts, Aromatherapy, Green Medicine, Holistic Health Therapies, Dream analysis and interpretation, Quantum Shamanism, Paganism, Deities, Animal totems and Symbolism, Mythology, sacred belief sequencing, spirituality, Ritual, Resonance, Elemental Coherence, Cleromancy, Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairsentience (feeling), Clairaudience (hearing), Claircognizance (knowing), ongoing study of celestial rhythms, galactic patterns, energies/vibrations/frequencies, channeled movement meditation and guided journeying. She has worked with and among healers and practitioners at The New York Open Center, Tricycle The Buddhist Review, Holistic Health Practice (Chgo). She studied Green Medicine with Peeka Trenkle, Tarot with Rachel Pollack, Vicki Noble, and Mary Greer; Authentic Movement with Gena Demos, Akashic Records Consulting with Santiago Rafael Pascual (LAFAM), while celebrating facets of Truth, Beauty and Love through Vibratory Stacking, Soul Resonance and Core Star (Divine Self) Awareness on a daily basis.

Special thanks and honor to the Guardians, Guides and Spiritual Mentors and Protectors on the Path:

Isis, Magdalen, Athena, Goddess Liberty, Metatron, Melchizedek, The Hathors, Osiris, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Archeon, Yeshua, Christ Consciousness, The White Brotherhood, St. Germain, The Counselors, the Elohim, Seraphim, Archangelics,  Guardians and Record Keepers of the Akasha, Nike, Fae, Mineral and Plant Devas, Dimensionals, Mayans, Incas, Ancestors, Pleaidians, Sirians and the rest of the benevolent ultra-terrestrial citizens of the multi-verse whose assistance in raising the frequency and compassion of Mother Earth and Her inhabitants is very welcomed and necessary.

Energetic Mystic Guidance



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