Akashic Records

The Akasha is a quick reference term used to define the Cosmic Mind or the Universal Matrix of Cellular Memory that has contained within it, the recorded event of every possible experience and permutation of consciousness existing in our 15 dimensional Universal Time Matrix. The Akashic Record (or Akasha) is a reference to the name of our Universal God Seed Code system that carries all the frequency and coding that created our Universe. Also known as the Hall of Records or from many sacred texts as the Eternal Book of Life.


With pure heart based motivation, one may request to access the Records to attain the path of inner development, 

All of our acts are recorded, and every action creates a ripple in the Akashic Ocean. 

When we reach out to become more, reaching up to longitudes of knowledge. Akasha is a guide to understanding all of your life (lives) and its lessons.

Soul Guidance (online/phone)

"Real awakening happens in the charnel ground where we acknowledge and work with our wounds, fears, and illusions." Spiritual guidance sessions can be psychic and are navigated from multi-dimensional levels of awareness in order to assist in practical growth and alignment. We connect the dots of the past, present and future in order to feel clear, empowered and excited about the transitions taking place in our life. These sessions are best facilitated via phone which allows the session to pull from various modalities at will during the reading.

KA Dance and Cacao: Ritual Practice of Soul Self Expansion)

KA branches off of Divination through moving our Diamond Light center of the heart/mind through the heart of the earth into the heart of the sky. We step into offering personal ritual with our Higher Self while sharing this experience with those inclined to expand the awareness of energetic/soul/light body communication which allows us to raise our frequency and the frequency of the planet.

This is Erika's personal practice of shamanic, meditational movement that she has been applying for over 20 years. Having been guided to the science of this Source, she now offers this practice in a way that allows the ceremony and grace of our Higher Self to be activated and anchored. Ceremonial grade cacao is shared in group ritual setting before journeying to expand our hearts and allow our imaginations to connect deeper with the heart of the inner child. Maya Cosmovision and various multi-planetary calendars are utilized while we journey through subliminal sequencing which tend to reveal themselves organically . 

Ceremonial Cacao Immersives

Another branch and add the roots of Mayan ancestral super food, Cacao. We touch briefly on the *lineage of this wise plant medicine which is known to many as chocolate or cocoa and revered in its pure form to mystics, maestros and shamans as "The Mother" whose nutrients and compounds assist in opening our hearts while clarifying our vision. Sound, Rhythm, Resonance and Entrainment supports our process as we allow ourselves permission to play 'in between the realms' of imagination, inspiration and intention. Together, we weave ceremony/ritual and the "food of the gods" into a palatable tool that is attainable and accessible to the heart/mind/spirit/body of collective consciousness. The Ceremonial grade cacao Immersives retain an emphasis on self-growth, health and balance while holding the charge in the realms of cutting-edge, multi-cultural, ancestral wisdom and metaphysical gnosis.

Full Spectrum Soul-Self Expansion Programs

"To understand our limitless potential, We must step into the beauty of being a conscious creator."

Together we will:

* Hold space and mirror a multidimensional lens of your world


* Align your purpose with your passion

* Practice incorporating all of your "selves" into Oneness in order to be and live your Truth


* Mission: Working with higher intelligence there is a gap between what is being felt and what is being understood. We are always in the gap between the words and the realization, the realization and the awareness, and the awareness and the manifest. My mission while moving between the veil is to “hold the charge” while enrolling you in your own transformation. Bridging the gap between who we are and who we are meant to be.

Please inquire for pdf of Program Offerings and pricing.

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